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Website Basics – why are websites so expensive?

It’s true that to get a professionally designed website which will work effectively to help you build your business and increase your sales isn’t cheap. That’s because a good website needs a lot of different skills and requires several elements that need to go into it to work effectively in generating more interest in your business.

Firstly it needs to look good and be easy to use, that requires some good graphic design and good programming. It also needs to be tailored to your business, not churned out from a template that thousands of other companies use. Cheap websites rarely look good because they have been slapped together quickly, or worse they look just like everyone else's, meaning your business can look bad or get lost in the crowd. In 2012 over 300 million websites were added to the internet - that's just under 1 million new sites every day.

A good website should not only look good and work well, but it should be connected to the internet on an industry standard server that allows quick access, fast response times and speedy loading, so that when people type in your website address they’re not left hanging, waiting for it to load. It also needs to be secure – the place where your website is stored and connected to the internet (this is called a server) should be in the UK and preferably secure from harm from intruders, fire and other dangers.


Our Approach to Web Design

All of our sites are professionally designed with industry standard software manufactured by Adobe. We don’t use templates and we don’t use the various free web design programmes such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla as these often have serious security vulnerabilities.

We take the time to visit each client in their place of work and try to get a feel for what they want their website to do for them. At that point we can begin the process of building a draft version of the site, which progressively gets tweaked and tailored to their individual needs.

We never ask for a deposit and we never charge a fee for this – it’s part of our free no-obligation service. Our clients only pay when their site is ready to go live on the internet.

All of our sites are hosted on state of the art Industry Standard load balanced servers in the UK. The servers provide lightning fast response times for all of our websites and are located in a secure datacentre which has generator backup power and an inert gas fire suppressant system. In addition each website is automatically backed up every 15 minutes to another datacentre located in a different building.

We take our client's websites functionality and security very seriously and aim to provide industry standards every step of the way. Because of this we never offer cheap websites or crazy deals like a website for £100 because we know that the results you get from cheap websites are usually very poor. After all your website should reflect your business as professionally and attractively as possible, otherwise it’s not worth the time or money.


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