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Google Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website to outperform your competitors on search engines such as Google UK.

You want your website to rank higher than your rivals for the terms people are looking for as this will drive more customers to your products, resulting in more enquiries and more sales.

A website that doesn't generate enquiries or sales for your business is worthless.

Many people claim to be experts in SEO, but with so much choice out there how can you be sure they will get you the results you need?

The key question to ask is, "What search term is it best to optimise for and how many people search for it?"

There is no point in optimising your site for a term that only 10 people a month search for.

We check the most relevant search terms for all of our clients and advise them on the most appropriate and competitive term that is worth optimising for. If a search term doesn't have at least 100 searches a month we won't advise optimising for it. Most of the terms we optimise for are very competitive with over 2000 searches a month as these will drive a lot of potential customers to your site.


Vanity Optimisation

Vanity optimisation is where the client doesn't really know what to optimise for and the web designers pick a phrase that looks valuable but isn't. For instance if the client has a building company in Ulverston the vanity optimisation would be to try and rank the site for "builder ulverston". Or if the client had a car dealership in Kendal the vanity optimisation would be to rank the site for "garage lake district".

These are vanity optimisations because the client feels as if they are getting a good Google ranking for a valuable search term, however if you check with Google no-one searches for "builder ulverston". The correct optimisation term should be "builders ulverston" which has 110 people searching for the term each month. Likewise no-one searches for "garage lake district". The correct optimisation term is "car dealers cumbria" which is searched for by 1,000 people a month.

Vanity optimisation may feel good and you can brag to your friends that you rank highly for your vanity term, you can even demonstrate on Google that you're beating everyone else with it, but the bottom line is that it won't bring you any business. For a search term to be effective it has to be relevant to your business and it has to be the term that people are using when looking for businesses like yours.

If it doesn't have anyone searching for it what's the point in optimising for it?


Search Term Domain Names

Another trick people like to use is developing your website on a domain name that is the same as the search term you are optimising for, such as Some companies charge a lot of money simply for this - it costs them less than £10, but costs you a few hundred.

Not only is it a cheap trick but it looks unprofessional and damages the trust that customers have. If your company name is, "JS Plumbing" your customers will wonder why your domain name isn't

Anyone who knows SEO understands there are many more methods to employ to get better results than messing with the domain name. As a rule we always advise our clients to have the domain name that their customers expect them to have. We never optimise a website based on its domain name - we use techniques that are tried and tested by SEO industry experts both here and in the US to accomplish exactly the results that our clients expect.


Our Google Guarantee

Although all of the websites we design are compliant with Google, there is only so much you can do within a website design to help it score well with Google. This is called ‘on-page’ optimisation. ‘Off-page’ optimisation refers to how well your website is integrated with the rest of the internet. How many other sites link into your site and what are the quality of those other sites.

The best ‘off-page’ optimisation is based on a good solid link building strategy, getting other well respected websites to link into your site.

Some clients want a website that will rapidly become well ranked for specific search phrases – such as 'website designers Barrow'. In these instances we offer a Google Guarantee – we guarantee to get your website into the top 3 results of Google UK for each specific keyphrase you wish. As the competitiveness of keyphrases can vary dramatically we tailor our Google Guarantee to each individual client with prices starting from as low as £149 per keyphrase.


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