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Our Step by Step Guide to Web Design

We try our best to keep our design process as simple and straightforward as possible because we understand just how daunting and confusing it can seem when faced with buying a website.

To keep it simple we design all of our sites along our unique 5 Step Principle:

Step 1 - Inspiration

In this stage we visit you to discuss what you want to achieve with your new website, what things you would like it to do for you. We try to look at a few examples of websites to find out what types you like or dislike and why. This helps us to get a better idea of how we can design your ideal website.

Step 2 - Creation

After the initial meeting we go away and begin to construct a draft for your website. Because we design all of our websites from scratch it allows us to be completely flexible in the style of design. Once we have created the first draft we upload it to the secure client area of our website and email you the link so that you can see exactly how it looks online.

Step 3 - Tailoring

Creating a tailor made website is similar to creating a tailor made suit - to begin with it can look a bit baggy, and some parts of it may not fit at all. This is perfectly normal which is why we go through several changes and tweaks at this stage until we have a website that perfectly fits your needs.

Step 4 - Inspection

After ensuring that you are completely happy with the design of the new website and how it works we then go through a series of final checks. We perform checks on the text of the website to make sure that it is free from errors, we also check it with Copyscape to ensure it doesn't infringe anyone else's copyright and that it is uniquely copyrighted to your business. We also check that the website works across different browsers, computers, phones and tablets and that it is all ready to go.

Step 5 - Fully Live

After all of the checks we ask you to confirm that you are happy with the new website and want it to go live. At this point we upload the new site onto your unique domain name (e.g. and take care of all the behind the scenes technical details. We ensure that the domain name is registered to your business and we create all of your business email accounts for the new site. We then send you a confirmation email to let you know that all is OK and that your site is now Fully Live.

For the following few weeks we are still there holding your hand as you get used to the new site - we offer free technical support to all of our clients at this important time to help them get to grips with every aspect of their shiny new website.


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