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Rather than churning out websites cheaply and quickly we take the time to make sure all of our clients receive the very best website that matches their needs.

We ensure that all of the content we provide is original and written solely for our clients use. That way we can be sure that we aren't infringing anyone else's copyright and risking the threat of legal action, and the embarrasment of having a website removed from Google.

Recently it came to our attention that other web designers in Barrow thought our own website was so good they would copy the text from it and pass it off as their own. Now, whilst some say that copying is flattery, we like to protect both our own and our clients' copyright.

As a result of submitting a copyright complaint to Google they looked into the situation and upheld our claim, removing the page with the stolen content from their search engine.

We recognise that a website is a serious investment, it represents your business publicly for all to see. Whilst some companies may be cheaper, this cost cutting comes at a greater price. Don't risk your business's reputation, use a company that guarantees your website will be original and protected from copyright theft, otherwise what you save today may cost you much, much more in the future.


Our Original Text

The Stolen Text


You can view the copyright complaint below or click here to view it on


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